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Who is this book for?

  • Undergraduate and graduate students and university career centers
  • Current UX professionals, from those early in their careers to those who have been in the field for a long time
  • Those in other related (or even unrelated) professions who want to make a shift to UX
  • Employers who need to understand who they should be hiring and what skills those people will have
  • Recruiters and recruitment organizations that are recruiting for UX positions

What does the book contain?

  • Concrete tips and techniques for improving UX careers
  • A comprehensive review of different types of UX careers
  • A guide to navigating the UX career lifecycle from beginning the journey, to searching for a job, to deciding where to work
  • Essential actions necessary for career success outside of technical UX skills
  • Advice on how to stay on top of new information in a rapidly evolving field
  • Personal stories from those in the field
  • Worksheets and activities to help professionals think though topics in the book and make decisions about their own careers


Abby Covert | Ahava Leibtag | Amanda Stockwell | Angie Hernandez | Baruch Sachs | Brianna Sylver | Chelsey Glasson | Chris Castiglione | Dan Brown | Erin Everhart | Ginny Redish | Jen Romano Bergstrom | Jessica Ivins | Jessica Peterson | John Payne | Jonathan Follett | Kerry Bodine | Kevin Lee | Kim Bieler | Krissy Scoufis | Lauren Currie | Leslie Jensen-Inman | Michael Rawlins | Nick Gould | Pamela Walshe | Tom Johnson | Tracey Lovejoy


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