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The UX Careers Handbook Second Edition author Cory Lebson is passionate about UX careers and enjoys not only writing about UX careers, but also speaking, training, providing mentoring and consulting support, and facilitating events.

These services can be offered under the Lebsontech LLC brand or can be white-labeled to allow an organization to offer these services to others.

Optimize hiring

  • Training and mentoring of recruitment staff in UX disciplines, skills and methods
  • Strategic outlining of staffing needs based on projected workflow
  • Translation of general hiring expectations into an actionable recruitment approach
  • Review of job descriptions before they are made public
  • Evaluation of potential talent, resumes and portfolios
  • Thought-leadership including blog entries, white papers and other forms of print or media

Speak at Events / Create Events

  • Speak on topics related to both UX methods and careers
    See recent articles and talks on the Lebsontech website
  • Create and facilitate public and private UX-oriented events of any size, including speaker-led events, panel discussions, UX dinners and meetings, and networking events
  • Promote events to Cory’s very large UX network

Mentor to Build In-House Skills & Knowledge

  • Hands-on learning for a limited number of staff
  • Several intensive days of mentoring on-site
  • Long-term guidance and support with ongoing consultation

Workshops & Training to Improve Skills

  • Half-day and full-day workshops, as well as shorter talks
  • Modular training so you can select modules that are most relevant
  • Optional customization or creation of new materials

Something else?

Do you want something not included here?
Cory can customize career services and training topics just for you.

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Career Training Topics

Hire UX Professionals

  • Hiring & working with UX professionals
  • Retaining UX employees

Any of the topics below can be framed for recruiters and employers or for UX professionals

UX Career Basics

  • What is a UX career?
  • Skillsets and UX career pathways
  • Resumes & portfolios to illustrate value
  • In-house vs. consulting vs freelancing
  • Landing a job (or new contract work)

Branding & Networking

  • Personal UX branding
  • Creating an elevator pitch
  • How and why to network
  • Use of social media

Career Activities

  • Career bootcamp
  • Speed networking activities
  • UX leadership dinners

Also see Cory’s LinkedIn Learning topics that could be turned into live activities and presentations.