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PART 1: Establishing Your Foundation

See the combined resource page for chapters 1 – 5

Chapter 1: What is User Experience? 

Chapter 2: Your Career is Grounded in Your Education

Chapter 3: Never Stop Learning 

Chapter 4: Personal Branding and Networking for Career Success 

Chapter 5: Critical Soft Skills


PART 2: Getting a Job

See the combined resource page for chapters 6 – 9

Chapter 6: Resumes and Portfolios to Illustrate Your Value

Chapter 7: Work In-house or Be an External Consultant 

Chapter 8: Independent Contracting or Starting a Small UX Business

Chapter 9: Landing a Job (or New Contract Work)


PART 3: Recruiters & Employers

See the combined resource page for chapters 10 – 11

Chapter 10: Working with a Recruiter; Being a Recruiter 

Chapter 11: Employer’s Guide (And What Job Seekers Should Look For) 


PART 4: Career Glimpses: What, Specifically, Can You Do?

See the Career Glimpses overview page

Chapter 12: UX Career Pathways

Chapter 13: Design-Related Pathways

Chapter 14: Research-Related Pathways

Chapter 15: Content-Related Pathways

Chapter 16: Strategy Related Pathways

PART 5: UX Leadership

See the combined resource page for chapters 17 – 18

Chapter 17: Corporate UX Leadership

Chapter 18: Alternative Pathways to UX Leadership


Chapter 19: UX in the Future; Your Career Today

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