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UX is a field that moves quickly. While the book contains a great deal of useful information that will remain relevant for many years, in order to keep up with changes and advances in the field, information that is expected to change rapidly is available here.

You’ll notice that the book offers URL tags at the end of every chapter. For now, some resource pages are grouped together by part of the book. These sections will be expanded and broken out as the chapter resources grow over time. Resources for UX career pathways (chapters 11 and 12) are most fully built out at this point. 

You can also see the full table of contents as part of The UX Careers Handbook Preview (PDF).

PART 1: Establishing Your Foundation

See the combined resource page for chapters 1 – 4

Chapter 1: What is User Experience? 

Chapter 2: Your Career is Grounded in Your Education

Chapter 3: Never Stop Learning 

Chapter 4: Personal Branding and Networking for Career Success 


PART 2: Getting a Job

See the combined resource page for chapters 5 – 8

Chapter 5: Resumes and Portfolios to Illustrate Your Value

Chapter 6: Work In-house or Be an External Consultant 

Chapter 7: Independent Contracting or Starting a Small UX Business

Chapter 8: Landing a Job (or New Contract Work)


PART 3: Recruiters & Employers

See the combined resource page for chapters 9 – 10

Chapter 9: Working with a Recruiter; Being a Recruiter 

Chapter 10: Employer’s Guide (And What Job Seekers Should Look For) 


PART 4: Career Glimpses: What, Specifically, Can You Do?

Chapter 11: UX Career Pathways and Primary Skillsets

Chapter 12: Pathways to UX Leadership


Chapter 13: UX in the Future; Your Career Today

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