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Chapter Resources > Chapter 11 (Overview Page) > UX Intersections: Developers, Market Researchers, SEOs and Industrial Designers
(Also in Chapter 11: Interaction DesignUser Research | Information Architecture | Content Strategy | Content Writing | Technical CommunicationHuman FactorsVisual Design |  Accessibility |  Customer Experience | Service Design | UX Strategy)

This page contains chapter resources for the four UX career “intersections” that are discussed in Chapter 11. While the careers of developers, market researchers, SEO professionals and industrial designers are not necessarily UX careers themselves, they can involve aspects of UX. 

Eventually, as more content is added post-publication these chapters may be broken out into separate pages.

Thank you to the four people who were responsible for these sections in the book: Chris Castiglione (Developers), Brianna Sylver (Market Researchers)Erin Everhart (SEOs) and John Payne (Industrial Designers).

Look for more information on this page once the book is published!


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